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          Renew Holdings Hires SSE Executive Stephanie Hazell As Director

          (Alliance News) - Engineering services firm Renew Holdings PLC on Tuesday said it has hired Stephanie Hazell as a non-executive director, effective immediately. Hazell is currently a director at SSE Telecommunications Ltd, a unit of SSE PLC. Read More

          FTSE 100 Intraday

          Most Traded on Tuesday 14th January

          • By value
          • By number of trades
          CompanyPriceValue £Volume
          British American Tobacco (BATS)3,489.50 8,764.773M2,511,756
          Lloyds (LLOY)58.74 8,358.303M142,293,200
          Diageo (DGE)3,237.00 7,580.497M2,341,828
          Bp (BP.)496.40 7,431.810M14,971,414
          Royal Dutch Shell B (RDSB)2,277.50 6,499.325M2,853,710
          CompanyPriceValue £Trades
          Bp (BP.)496.40 7,427.981M11,183
          Lloyds (LLOY)58.74 8,357.309M10,282
          Vodafone (VOD)155.22 5,964.672M9,514
          Boohoo (BOO)330.50 4,458.404M7,748
          Royal Dutch Shell B (RDSB)2,277.50 6,499.325M7,618

          Sector Activity


          What's Hot the first week of 2020 #RR #GRG #PMO #SBRY #NICL #JD

          Which company has had a 3000% return in 10 years, which UK drink is a Ramadan tradition and embittered by a 50% levy, which oil & gas company has been on a buying spree and which car consumers ...

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